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Best night vision goggles of 2020

Night vision (NVD) was first introduced to the German army in 1939. After decades of development, the technology of night vision has been further improved. Today, night vision is very useful not only to our military and law enforcement personnel but also to civilians. The good news is that it is now easy to find the best night vision goggles for 2020 under the right conditions.

Most night vision goggles are designed for rifle installation, as hunters most need it for night hunting, monitoring prey and serving as survival tools. So let's discuss the most reliable night vision rifle scope, which can provide you with the most amazing features. But first, let's discuss what your oscilloscope should have. Therefore, the following are the best night vision goggles of 2020, and we think they have the best features.


1. Firefield FF26014T tactical night vision rifle scope with internal focusing function, 2.5 x 50

If you are looking for the best night vision goggles with enhanced optics, the 2.5 × 50 magnification of this mirror may be your ideal choice. Titanium alloy body, stylish design and internal focus function, so that you can surround the target at a very wide angle, and the appearance is also very durable.

As tough as ever, you can mount it on a rifle rifle without getting restless. With its 50mm lens that provides higher resolution and excellent focusing, its optics have also been multi-layered and the reticle is illuminated, allowing you to focus on even in very weak light conditions On target.


2. Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S digital night vision Riflescope For mid-range sights, this Sightmark Photon may be one of the best night vision goggles you can find on the market. There are six digital graticule options, which allows you to switch to the selected graticule according to your range. The standard color choice is white, which is actually clearer in dark environments, as is green and red. The advantage of this NV Rifle Mirror is its versatility. Because it offers reticle options, its cross reticle allows you to shoot at 320, 350, 370, and 400 feet. For your rifle, two double-sided guns are perfect for hunting mini games. You can then also use the available German markings. In addition to being lightweight, lightweight, and powerful, this oscilloscope has many amazing potentials.


3. Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope, black

Firefield rifle mirrors use Gen 1 oscilloscope technology and are usually affordable, but provide effective results in terms of remote accuracy. Equipped with 3x magnification, it is most suitable for medium and long distance targets, especially in the evening and dawn. The infrared illuminator included with the oscilloscope makes this possible.

Titanium body, ergonomic, is your trustworthy, sturdy, lightweight rifle mirror that is reliable and easy to use, even in the thickest bushes, and achieves accurate shooting. With the powerful NVRS 3 × 42 magnification and multi-coated optics and a reversible lens protector, you can be sure that everything you want to see in the dark becomes your potential target.


4. ATN Gen 2+ Night Arrow 4-2 night vision weapon sight

Of the best night vision goggles we've ever seen, the ATN Gen 2 has the simplest design but has powerful features that many sports shooters and small game hunters love it. With a rugged design, this is what the excellent fast target capture and aiming capabilities that a night hunter needs. With its optics, materials and performance, including ergonomic design, you can have a reliable shooting tool.

For special features, it has a fixed 4x magnification, a red, fog- and water-resistant reticle with green lighting, and a 2-year warranty to ensure you get value for money. It is powered by an AAA battery and has an automatic brightness control function that can adjust the brightness instantly to protect sensitive night vision goggles from sudden strong light. This means that no matter what lighting conditions you will work with, this oscilloscope will make its own light adjustments.


5.ATN X-Sight II 5-20 Smart Rifle Mirror

Finally, here is the best night vision goggle we show you, which is the best platform in terms of the use of modern technology. First of all, it has Wi-Fi capability, so you can watch the recorded video through its Internet connection. Second, it is equipped with GPS, which is essential for your hunting in unfamiliar areas.

Thirdly, it also has the function of smartphone control through IOS or Android applications; fourthly, it has the function of geotagging, so you can know where you are when recording videos and using them to take photos.

With the obsidian core of the oscilloscope, the oscilloscope can capture and record everything in detail during the day, and the video product is HD 1080p, so everything is vivid and colorful.

Finally, the most popular feature is its patent-pending smart rangefinder. This enables you to calculate the distance between yourself and your target at night or day. When the target is locked, the oscilloscope's intelligent system will automatically adjust the point of influence.