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Talk about the purpose and use method of common optical fiber tools

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and 5G technology, the construction and maintenance of fiber optic cables in the intelligent industry has gradually increased, which has increased the demand for various fiber optic tools. Common fiber optic tools on the market include fiber strippers, cable strippers, and optical cables There are many types of cutting scissors, etc., and the uses of various tools are different. Are you really familiar with them? Know when and what fiber tools to use?


Optical fiber stripper

Optical fiber stripper is a kind of optical fiber tool used to strip tightly packed optical fibers. Generally, it is used to peel away tightly packed optical fibers when splicing optical fibers.

There are three common fiber strippers on the market today:

The first is the FTTH cable stripper

The second is a three-hole fiber stripper

The third is the CFS-2 fiber stripper

FTTH optical cable stripping pliers, as the name implies, are dedicated to FTTH fiber-to-the-home fiber stripping pliers, which are small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, flat incision and convenient to carry; three-hole fiber stripping pliers use three-hole segmented stripping Design, can be used without adjustment, and can quickly and accurately strip 2-3mm, 900μm to 250μm and 250μm to 125μm fiber without damaging the fiber; CFS-2 fiber stripper is used to strip 125μm fiber 250 μm coating layer, while the second hole can peel off the pigtail outer protective layer.

Cable cutting scissors

Optical cable cutting shear is a kind of optical fiber tool used to cut aramid yarn in optical cable. Its blade is made of high carbon steel material, which is sharp and tough. It can easily cut aramid yarn in optical cable. Optical fiber strippers or fiber strippers are used together, so how to use them? Just three steps:

First, use an optical fiber stripper to peel off the outer sheath of the optical fiber; then remove the stripped outer sheath of the optical fiber; finally, use an optical cable cutter to cut the exposed aramid yarn.

Optical cable stripper

Optical cable stripper is a kind of optical fiber tool that can cut longitudinally and circularly cut the insulation layer of circular cable with a diameter of 25mm or more. Because the optical cable stripper can completely peel off various insulation layers (such as cable outer sheath, optical cable loose tube, etc.), and Its cutting depth can be adjusted, and the cutting depth is up to 5mm. It can be used for cutting the insulation layer of communication cables, low-voltage cables (PVC insulation layer), medium-voltage cables (PVC insulation layer), or other circular optical cables. The specific cutting methods are as follows:

The operator holds the cable in one hand, presses the cable stripper with his thumb, and holds the handle of the cable stripper with the other hand, and cuts in any direction with the thumb as a guide.

Choice of fiber optic tools Based on the above-mentioned detailed introduction of the three kinds of fiber optic tools, such as fiber optic cable pliers, cable cutters, and cable strippers, I believe you should be very clear about when and what fiber tools to use:

1. When the fiber is spliced, select the fiber stripper to strip the tightly packed fiber;

2. When the optical fiber is spliced, select the optical cable cutting shear to cut off the aramid filament in the optical cable;

3.During outdoor optical cable cutting and cable cutting, the optical cable peeler is used to peel off the insulation layers such as the central loose tube and the PE / PVC outer sheath.

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