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Turn optical calcite into transparent crystal

Crystal is a powerful tool that helps us transform on many different levels, especially when we want to change our lives. The special time that really needs to run in the changes we want to make is the end of a cycle: the end of a week, the end of a year, the end of the season.

The ending gives us time to reflect and look back at what actually works for us or what we do that hinder our success and growth. The ending is the best time to take stock, and it gives us a clear idea of ​​how to move forward. But sometimes we feel a little stuck or unclear, this is where the crystal can be rescued.


The meaning of optical calcite

Optical calcite is such a powerful energy cleanser. Just put a piece in the room to remove the negative energy from it and enhance your energy in the body and delicate body. Because diamond-shaped transparent calcite can break light into various colors, it can excite, balance and clean all chakras. As a natural square crystal, it gathers energy inside it, which is beneficial to ground negative energy and convert it into positive energy.


Optical calcite properties

The accelerated growth and development of stones enables you to gain higher awareness and mental ability. It is known for promoting in vitro experiences, and once it returns to your body, it can help your soul remember those experiences. Because of its nature, people will see double meanings when browsing, so calcite can also let you see the double meanings behind words.

In addition to the function of an energy purifier, optical calcite can also encourage forgiveness of yourself and others. Its clarity also brings insight.


Optical calcite uses

Optical calcite combines your emotions with your intelligence to produce emotional intelligence. It supports optimistic prospects even if you lose motivation or are on the verge of despair. Because it can boost energy levels, it can help you overcome laziness.

Crystal can also calm your mind, enhance your ability to recognize, and teach you how to analyze the situation. It can help you understand what type of information is important and what is not. It can help you remember important information. Therefore, it is an excellent crystallization of students and other people whose work involves learning. Optical calcite enables you to turn ideas into action.

Crystals are also helpful when reducing emotional stress. It removes stress and replaces it with the long-awaited tranquility. It stabilizes your emotions and allows you to trust yourself and your ability to overcome setbacks. Because optical calcite is mainly composed of calcium, it can help bones absorb calcium to enhance calcium while preventing calcification. This ability makes it an important crystal of young children's growth. It relieves skin and intestinal discomfort and supports physical processes that help blood clots and heal wounded tissue. The crystals also relieve tension that may cause migraines. It strengthens the immune system and works quickly after making a lix. The lix agent can be used to relieve skin conditions such as warts, ulcers and wounds. Optical calcite is also excellent in curing eye diseases and improving vision.


in conclusion

Optical calcite is a healing, energetic and insightful gem, and is itself a vibrant, fast-acting crystal. Place it around your house or on your substitute to eliminate negative effects in the space and absorb positive energy. You can also put it in your pocket or school bag to eliminate negative factors, no matter where you are, you can also draw more positive and powerful energy

With optical calcite meditation, it can clear the mind and enhance spiritual awareness-hold it in the palm of your meditation to magnify the benefits of meditation

Recharge your wallet or place optical calcite on money as a courtesy