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What are the connection methods of fiber pigtails?

Fiber pigtails provide interconnection and cross-connect applications in the network connection of access devices, and are widely used in fiber-optic CATV networks, FTTH/FTTX, telecommunications networks, pre-terminated installations, fiber-optic data transmission, and LAN/WAN networks. It is often found in fiber distribution frames, fiber termination boxes, and fiber distribution frames, and is connected to other fiber optic cores.
The fiber pigtail has two connection methods: mechanical connection and welding:
1. Mechanical connection
The laid fiber and the pigtail are peeled off, and after being cut and cleaned, they can be inserted into the matching matching disk to be aligned, tangent and locked.
2. welding
After the welding tool is prepared, the laid fiber and fiber are stripped off with a wire stripper, the bare fiber is cleaned with alcohol cotton, the fiber is cut by a fiber cutter, and then melted by a welding tool under the protection of a welding plate or the like. One is ready.