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What is a fiber microscope?

Fiber microscope:

 Everything you need to know about fiber optic microscopy.


Fiber microscopes are two basic types of optical magnifiers: basic magnifiers and compound magnifiers. Basic magnification instruments are instruments that use isolated focal points to magnify, such as magnifying glass. The compound magnifier uses several focal points to increase the magnification of the protest. So far, most of the current research magnifiers are compound magnifiers, while some cheaper commercial computer magnifiers are simple single-focus magnifiers. Compound magnifiers can be further divided into different types of magnifiers, and their optical design, cost, and proposed purpose differ.


Simple magnifying glass

A simple magnification tool uses a focal point or a set of focal points to expand the problem with individual precise magnifications, thereby providing the viewer with an upright expanded virtual image. In basic magnification gadgets, such as telescopes and magnifiers' magnifying glass, magnifiers and eyepieces, separate arched focal points or focus groups are found.


• Compound Magnifier

• Compound magnifying glass

• The compound magnifier uses focus.

• Optical microscope with eye safety filter.


The Kingfisher FiberSafe microscope is the tool of choice for checking dirt and end quality of unmated fiber optic connectors. The combination of high-quality structure and innovative, practical functions can improve the performance of all technicians.

Industry's best image quality and ease of use

200x or 400x magnification range

Improved red and infrared eye safety filters and safety labels

Optional adapters for most optical connectors, including duplex LC / SC

MPO and MPO / APC ribbon fiber adapters for x200 magnification range

Easy focus and centering of XY images

AAA alkaline battery, external power input, low battery indicator

Digital image capture options and sample images

Stable lighting and convenient timer

Lanyard and tripod

Triple LED lighting: coaxial, tilted and core

Convenient fiber test, inspection and cleaning kits also available

3-year warranty

Complete QA report. Eye safety filters 100% tested