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Automatic iris manual zoom (1.3MP) for changhui optics

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Product model/article number: CHA801
Type: Low distortion lens
Focal length: 25mm
Aperture: F2.0
Colour: Black 
Interface: M12*P0.5
Low distortion lens-main features:
 1. The low-distortion lens adopts all glass, glass-plastic hybrid, glass aspherical design methods, etc., to meet the optical requirements of no distortion, large depth of field, and high resolution.
 2. There are a wide variety of target surface sizes to meet the project needs of different size chips:
1/4" no distortion lens, 1/3" no distortion lens, 1/2.3" no distortion lens, 1/1.8" no distortion lens, 1/2" no distortion lens, 1/2.5 no distortion lens, 1/ 2.3"Non-distortion lens., 1/2"Non-distortion lens, 1/1.8"Non-distortion lens, 2/3"Non-distortion lens, 1"Non-distortion lens.
 3. Meet different interface methods:
C-mount distortion lens, trigger distortion lens, M12 distortion lens, M8 distortion lens, M7 distortion lens.
 Low distortion lens applications: widely used in scanning recognition, industrial recognition, face recognition, drones, sports DV, biometric lenses, video conference lenses, hunting camera lenses and other fields.

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