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Custom Fiber Patch Cord/Pigtail

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Custom Fiber Patch Cord/Pigtail
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Product Description

High-quality material selection, pure copper metal component connectors and high-quality environmentally friendly PVC outer quilts make the product smoother in use, unlike the alloy parts, which have burrs, which increases the workload of the product.

Imported ferrules, pure Kyocera zirconia ceramic ferrules imported from Japan, the end face after grinding is kept clean and stain-free, clean and smooth, and the fiber coupling is more thorough.

The introduction of advanced Japanese four-corner optical fiber polishing metering technology and Japanese Seiko optical fiber polishing machine. The overall processing technology uses the German assembly line management mode to make product quality source control more stringent, and good quality starts from the source.

High-quality materials selection and advanced production technology ensure more stable product performance, and the service life is up to 10 years.


Connector Type


Number of cores








SM: Single-mode G652D

SMA1: single-mode G657A1

SMA2: single-mode G657A2

OM1: Multimode 62.5 / 125um

OM2: Multimode 50 / 125um

OM3-150: multi-mode 50/125um, transmission distance 150m

OM3-300: multi-mode 50/125um, transmission distance 300m

OM4: Multi-mode 50/125um, transmission distance 550m

SX: single core

DX: double core


High-performance fiber patch cord

Customizable Services

Including product materials, connectors and wire diameters.



                  UPC (no corner)                                                                             APC (8 °angle)

          Using UPC connector, any reflected light                               The inclined surface of the APC connector allows the

                 will be directly reflected back to the light source                   reflected light to be reflected into the cladding at an angle

High-performance fiber pigtail

Optical fiber jumpers are used to connect data centers, CATV, optical fiber test equipment, local area networks, telecommunications networks, FTTx, communication rooms, optical fiber communication systems, and defense preparations.

Changhui-EO accept all OEM orders, send us the drawing, sample or idea are ok.

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