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FM hand held fiber microscope

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Changhui-EO accept all OEM orders, send us the drawing, sample or idea are ok.

The FM Fiber Microscopes utilizes a white LED for coaxial illumination, light is introduced into the optical path (axis) so that it comes out the tip of the objective and strikes the sample perpendicular to the fiber end-face. It produces excellent detail of scratches and contamination. For critical examination of polish quality, we strongly recommend the FM Fiber Microscopes. With their good optical performance and integrated laser safety filters, they provide the most critical view of fiber end faces. This renders scratches highly visible and is the clear choice for field termination in sensitive installations.



Housing Material

non-Slip Rubber

Optical Magnification


Power source

3 x AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)


0.6 Kg or 600g


225 L x 32mm (8.76" x 1.25")


Momentary on/off switch/Fine Focus control wheel

Safety Filter

Built-in IR filter

Adapter Interface

Uses interchangeable, presented universal or dedicated adapters


Universal Adapter (2.5mm) Compatible with ST, FC, SC, E2000, and 2.5mm DIN


Optical Magnification: 100x, 160x, 200x, 320x, 400x

Power Source: 3 x1.5v button batteries

Light Source: White LED, rated for 100,000 hours

Net Weight: 0.6 Kg

Size: 225mm/8.76’’ Length X 32mm/1.25’’ Diameter

Controls: Momentary on/off switch for light source, Fine Focus control wheel


1. Automatic on/off switch for light source

2. Two minutes delayed on/off switch

Safety Filter: Built in IR filter

Adapter Interface: use interchangeable, presented universal or dedicated adapters.

Color: Black.


Model Number


FM-100: 100X

FM-160: 160X

FM-200: 200X

FM-320: 320X

FM-400: 400X

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