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LiTaO3 optics LiTaO3 lens

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Lithium Tantalate crystal (LT)LiTaO3 single crystal has excellent electro-optic, piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties and is widely used in pyroelectric devices and color televisions. LiTaO3 wafer is  widely used in optic communication, laser and optical electronics fields as the ideal material of SAW device.

Item LiTaO3 Wafers
Diameter 5mm - 152.40mm or customization
Dimension tolerance +/-0.1mm or +/-0.01mm
Thickness Customized
Crystal Structure Trigonal, point group 3m
Lattice Parameters a=b=5.148 , c=13.863
Density 4.64 g/cm3
Melting Point 1250 degrees
Curie Point 1142+/- degrees
Mohs Hardness 55
Dielectric Constant  e11/e0 = 85; e33/e0 = 29.5
Thermal Conductivity 38 W/m egrees at 25 egrees
Thermal Expansion Coefficient a1=a2 =2x10-6 egrees, a3=2.2x10-6/ degrees at 25degrees
Piezoelectric Strain Constant CE11 = 2.04 x 1011 N/m2, CE33 = 2.46 x 1011 N/m2
Elastic Stiffness Constant CE11 = 2.04 x 1011 N/m2, CE33 = 2.46 x 1011 


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