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MTP fiber optic jumper

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Product description

Use Range Of Optical Fiber Jumper 

A. Backbone network

B. Fiber optic wiring

C. High-density data center environment

D. warehouse

E. Ribbon cable termination

F. Quick repair settings

G. Playback system solutions

Product Description

MTP stands for Multi-Core Terminated Push-In Connector, which is a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. The name of MTP fiber jumper comes from MTP connector, which is used for high-density connection between network equipment in telecommunication room. This fiber optic patch cable can provide a cost-effective solution for wiring systems, and also has many advantages such as high performance and high density.

MTP fiber jumper is composed of MTP connector, fiber optic cable and other connectors, such as LC connector may also be on some MTP fiber jumper. Optical cables usually use OM3 and OM4, which are laser-optimized multimode fibers. Unlike traditional connectors, MTP / MPO connectors should be used with caution to ensure proper connection.


Advantages of MTP fiber jumpers

MTP fiber optic system is a truly innovative product. The compact design of the MTP connector makes the MTP jumper have a large number of cores and a small size. The most commonly used are 12 and 24 cores. It is the same size as an SC connector and can provide up to 12 fibers or 24, saving space in circuit cards and racks.

Using MTP trunk jumpers, a complete fiber-optic backbone network can be installed without requiring any field termination. In addition, MTP connectors are fully compliant with the professional standards of all MPO connectors, compatible with VZ TPR.9431, IEC-61754-7 and EIA / TIA-604-5, and can be used to replace MPO connectors for better performance. It uses a simple push-pull latching structure for easy and intuitive insertion and removal.Customizable Services


Fiber Polarity

Generally, an optical link requires two fibers to complete the entire transmission process. For example, the optical module includes a receiving end and a transmitting end.

It must be ensured that the receiving end and the transmitting end are interconnected, and this matching between the transmitting end (TX) and the receiving end (Rx) at both ends of the fiber link is called polarity.

For pre-terminated, high-density cabling systems, such as MTP connection systems, polarity issues must be taken seriously. Mastering fiber polarity knowledge can maximize your management and optimization of your network connection.

Product Features

Outer Sheath Material: OFNR, LSZH, OFNP

Jumper cable structure: single-core, double-core, multi-core branch cable, ribbon cable

Connector type:  0.9mm,  2.0mm,  3.0mm

ROHS compliant

Product Specifications

Performance of insertion loss conforms to: IEC 61300-3-4

The performance of return loss conforms to: IEC61300-3-6

UPC curvature radius: 10  25mm

APC curvature radius: 5  12mm

Vertex offset: 0 to 50um

Vertex offset: 0 to 50um

Fiber recess: +50  -100

Fiber recess: +50  -100

Mechanical behavior

Mating times: 500 times <0.2dB

Changhui-EO accept all OEM orders, send us the drawing, sample or idea are ok.

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